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Wireless Printing Instructions

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Wireless printing is a premium service available at a cost of 10 cents per page.


*Note* The wireless printing service is for PC laptops only.

  1. Go to File->Print
  2. Choose the Microsoft XPS Printer and click Print (if you do not have Microsoft XPS Printer installed, click here to install).
  3. Create a file name and save the file as an .xps document
  4. Open up either Internet Explorer or Chrome and type this address: http://wireless/
  5. Read our Policies, and check the box "I Agree."
  6. Select “Browse” to find your document. Click "Upload File."
  7. You will see: "Your print job ID is: xxxxxx." Make note of this code. Click "Click here to print your file."

A screen will appear stating that your print job is ready, the page count, and the cost. Click OK. You can claim your print job at the front desk with either the 7 digit green code, or the file name.



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