Did you know? Free digital magazines are now available from your library! Access the library's Zinio collection.

  • View full digital copies of your favorite magazines!
  • Magazine issues are available to any patron, any time, and never need to be returned.
  • Read online in your web browser, or download and read in your Zinio app. 

*IMPORTANT!* Using the library's free Zinio magazine service requires the creation of two accounts - a library Zinio account (to download magazines for free from the library) and a free Zinio.com account (to read the magazines). Follow these steps to create both accounts.

Note: You MUST use the same email and password for both accounts.

1) Create a Library account at the library's Zinio Site: http://fflib.org/zinio . This is where you have access to library's magazines.

  • Connect to fflib.org/zinio using your browser
  • Click Create New Account (top right)
  • Follow the prompts to enter your library barcode number and other information

2) Create a personal account at Zinio.com. This is where you will read the library magazines. (It is also where you can buy paid titles, if desired, through Zinio).

  • Connect to Zinio.com using your browser, or the Zinio app
  • Click Sign Up and create an account. Make sure to use the same email address and password as your library Zinio account.

Browse and Checkout Magazines

  • Connect to fflib.org/zinio using your browser
  • Browse the library's collection of magazines. Click on a cover to select one
  • Click Checkout and Complete Checkout
  • Login to your Zinio.com account to read the magazine

Reading Magazines on a Computer

  • Connect to Zinio.com using your browser
  • Sign In and click Your Library
  • Click one of your magazines to open it
  • See the information at right on Using Zinio on a Computer
  • To read offline, install the Zinio App for PC or Mac

Reading Magazines on a Mobile Device

  • Download the Zinio app for iPhone | iPad | Android | Kindle Fire | Blackberry Playbook
  • Open the app and tap the settings icon
  • Sign in with your email address and password
  • Magazines that are faint with a down arrow need to be downloaded. Tap the arrow to begin downloading.
    • Note: You must be online to download the magazines.
  • When the download is complete, you can read that magazine offline.

How do I remove magazine issues from my Zinio account?

  • Connect to Zinio.com using your browser (not the app)
  • Sign In and click Your Library
  • Click Edit Your Reading List (top right) and an X will appear on each issue
  • Click the X for each issue you want to remove
  • Click Done when finished
  • Click View All Titles to toggle between current titles and removed titles

How can I stop getting email from Zinio?

  • Connect to Zinio.com using your browser (not the app)
  • Sign In and click Your Library
  • Place your mouse over the Gear icon (top right) and click Account Settings
  • Click Preferences on the left side of the screen
  • Check or uncheck the boxes under Your Interests
  • Select Yes or No under Email Preferences
  • Click Save Changes

Can I print from a magazine?

  • Printing is available when reading select magazines.
  • Have the page you wish to print on the screen.
  • Click the printer button on the bottom left side of the screen.
  • Print options are determined by the publisher. You may be able to print a single page, a range or none at all.