Micro Market now open

After 2+ years without food and drink for sale, the Fayetteville Free Library is now reintroducing the option to purchase snacks, coffee and cold beverages at the library.

Starting on Sept 27th, 2022, the library is trying something new to meet the food and drink needs of its patrons – a self-service Micro Market.

The Micro Market contains snacks, cold drinks and hot beverages available for purchase. Snacks range from yogurt, cheese sticks and hummus cups to Doritos and Reese’s. Drinks include coffee, tea, soft drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks, juice, milk, and more.

The Micro Market is self-service. Patrons select drinks and snacks that appeal to them, and scan them at the checkout kiosk.

The kiosk can accept credit card, Apple Pay, cash (no change is given), or payment via the Fresh Rewards app or a Fresh Rewards prepaid card (available at the library).

In light of labor challenges and rising food costs, in order to be fiscally responsible with taxpayer funds, the library has opted not to reopen its full-service Cafe 300 as it operated before, and instead try the Micro Market as a guaranteed cost-neutral option. (American Foods installs and maintains the market).

“We know that patrons will enjoy having access to food and drinks for sale again at the library,” says Heather Matzel, Executive Director. “This has been something our community has been asking for – to be able to buy a cup of coffee to sip while they’re reading, a snack for their kids after school. Now we can make that happen.”

The library urges patrons to use the Micro Market, and to use it honestly. If there is an excessive amount of inventory loss, or weekly sales goals are not met, the Micro Market may be discontinued.

“This self-service model is is an experiment – something we’re excited to try. We have every hope that our community will enjoy purchasing food and drink at the library and the market will stay indefinitely.”