Notary Services are currently unavailable.

The FFL has professional, state-licensed notaries on staff to help certify signatures on your documents. A notary’s signature is require on many documents to serve as a trusted, independent witness.

Get FREE Notary service for:

  • Car & Truck Sales
  • Mortgage Closing Documents
  • Title Transfers
  • Deeds
  • School/College Forms
  • Health Physicals
  • Medical Directives
  • Affadavits
  • Escrow Agreements
  • Travel Permission
  • Loans

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Notary Public is one of the many services the FFL offers for free to the community.

Availability is dependent on staff scheduling. Walk-ins are welcome though you may need to wait a short time for the notary to be available. If desired, you are welcome to call to confirm notary availability prior to coming to the library.

In order to have a document notarized, please bring the following:

  • All the people who will sign the document (involved parties)
  • A valid, government issued photo ID for each person
  • The document without any signatures

Your notary will verify your identities, witness the signing of the document, and notarize when complete.

While many legal documents must be notarized, having something notarized does not make something legal. Our notaries are there to verify the identities of those involved and witness they are signing the document willingly. A notary public is not an attorney and cannot make something legal or ensure its truthfulness or accuracy. If you need legal advice, please consult a certified attorney.